Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Note to girls

I found this note in my facebook.


One day, he’s going to text you.  That day, you’re going to realize he means nothing to you. He’s just another guy. Just another guy, you wasted your time on, tried to look good for, and tried to impress. He’s just another bad memory. You’re going to remember how much you like him, and miss him, but at the same time how much you hate him.  Instead of getting all excited over this one message, that can mean the world to you, but nothing to him, just click erase and move on with your life.  He’s not worth it.  

Absolutely..... I'm blaming my stupidity by let people hurt my feelings. This is all my fault. Not them..Definitely not them.......

My desire, only in my dream...

Too many desire to fulfill.. I'm in suffer because everything i saw and touched i feel like i have to change into new. For example my additional eyes (spec), my handphone Ohh i need new handphone, my bag, my cloth, my makeup set...The list never stop..I'm suffering enough with my desire..Can anyone stop that by giving me ceramah motivasi????hahahaha...Its okey to have desire like this as long as u not buy all those things at one time right??Am i right???No need to answer because i'm the one who ask for others opinion but still stick into my decision. My bad....;p

This is not bag like i want. Im just google it.

I never alone, Allah is always with me......

 Lately i feel so depressed.  I feel like i have no one to share what i feel, what I've gone thru everyday, and what makes me happy.  Nobody care...Yes.No one care about me....I know my family always with me but there is a few things that I cannot share with them.. When is about feelings...I'm trying to not express my feelings and my anger with "cerpen" this time. I trying to absorb everything alone without share with no one. Because i know they are too busy with their own happy life....Later i realized, I still have Allah to share everything..Yes Allah is always with me...I never alone...


Me, forever alone...Never alone, Allah is always with me.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Be a good muslimah..

Dah lebih setahun kerja enam hari dan hanye punye waktu sehari untuk rehat. Tapi dalam kate sebenar memang tak rehat langsung sebab hari ahad tu lah mase nak selesaikan semua tugas-tugas rumah yang tertangguh (i mean basuh baju,kemas bilik,cuci toilet, basuh kereta) see, kalau dah senarai kerja macam ni boleh dipanggil rehat???Seriously i feel very tired and give up.. I plan to look another future. Hopefully Allah permudahkan jalan saya. Okey we stop here.

Actually i just wanna share something that might be useful for those who try to be a good muslimah and to cover their aurat properly. I'm also in the processing of trying to be a better muslimah. Untuk menjadi muslimah yang betul2 muslimah first kite kene tengok pemakaian kite. Secara jujur saya pun banyak kekurangan nye. Kadang kala masih tersasar dari landasan menutup aurat yang sempurna..Sebab ape selalu tersasar??Sebab terlalu ghairah ikut fesyen terkini. Dengan alasan tak mahu nampak kekampungan dan outdated. Agree??Kite lupe yang pandangan Allah itu lebih penting dari pandang masyarakat kat luar sane.

Tak salah berfesyen kan, cume harus mengikut panduan. First, kite pergi pada tudung. If all of u aware nowdays fesyen tudung bawal dah In kan. Kalau dulu jangan harap nak sentuh tudung bawal tu. Siap dah sedekah kat orang pun. Tapi bile sekarang dah macam-macam jenis tudung bawal yang ade mula lah gelabah beli semula..Kalau semua orang perasan tudung bawal yang kite pakai tu actually tersangat lah jarang. Adakah cukup mengikut syarak??Ape gune kepala bertutup tapi orang lelaki boleh nampak leher kite..Macam no point je kite pakai tudung kan. Okey, so now saya ade solution nye. Benda simple je cume kalau tanggal tudung untuk solat tu sure orang akan pandang kite and sure akan ada orang tanye . Saya dah banyak kali kene..hihihihihi..Ade yang cakap macam ninja, nak pergi berenang macam-macam lah. I don't care at all. Ape yang penting saya tutup aurat saya.

Inner Neck - Ini solution nye. Pasti leher anda di tutup rapi.=)
Second, to cover baju ketat yang kite pakai contoh , dress yang mengikut body kan. Kalau orang kurus jarang lah ade masalah ni tapi pada saya yang berbadan agak berisi ni selalu ade masalah macam ni. So, untuk tidak nampak bentuk badan dan juge lemak-lemak yang membiak tu harus lah kite cover dengan sempurna. The solution is pakai cardigen yang tak berlengan untuk dress lengan panjang and cardigan berlengan untuk dress yang sleeveless.

We can use this to cover. Easy yet trendy rite?
See, sekarang ni banyak fesyen yang boleh kite ikut but make sure di landasan yang betul. Tak salah nak mix and match as long as its cover our aurat properly. That is our main concern as a better muslimah isn't???So, the choice in our hand. Weather we want to change or not...Saya pun masih membaiki diri supaya jadi muslimah yang baik. I think we should start with our aurat first. Insyaallah lame-lame mesti kite berjaya cover aurat kite dengan sempurna. At least kite ade usaha untuk berubah..Allah pasti membantu..Insyaallah.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Getting older...

Lately i am very depressed.  Why?? Because i feel that my face getting old day by day. I don't know what to do. Serious. But please don't offer me any collagen set. I do believe on collagen but with my financial status i don't think i am able to buy routine every month. To get better result you must ready yourself to give the highly commitment in term of money. For me, i would prefer to buy a slimming product rather than beauty product because i believe to be beautiful you must get the perfect body shape first then only you start touch up your face. Naaaa, am i right???hahahahaha..

Look like mother with 3 kids. *crying badly.=(
I am complaining too much today. Okey bye.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hidden feeling.....

Finally my heart opens….Because of you… But……Unfortunately u not event realizes it.  I feel so sad.  Never mind, I will keep this feeling alone. I will continue my journey to looking my soulmate. I hope you will realizes about my feelings someday. If not, I don’t regret because I know Allah knows what best for me and also for you.  I just like the way you are. 

Sincere feeling,

Me, Your Secret Admire