Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I never alone, Allah is always with me......

 Lately i feel so depressed.  I feel like i have no one to share what i feel, what I've gone thru everyday, and what makes me happy.  Nobody care...Yes.No one care about me....I know my family always with me but there is a few things that I cannot share with them.. When is about feelings...I'm trying to not express my feelings and my anger with "cerpen" this time. I trying to absorb everything alone without share with no one. Because i know they are too busy with their own happy life....Later i realized, I still have Allah to share everything..Yes Allah is always with me...I never alone...


Me, forever alone...Never alone, Allah is always with me.

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  1. I have always believed that people are strong in their own ways, and I am sure I am strong in my own way as well! But seriously how do we define strength? What is the criteria for calling a person strong?

    This I still don’t know, So for now all I can do is stand by my decisions and believe that the outcome of it all will be the best.

    Continuing what I said before, I still walk alone.

    Not because I can, but maybe because I cant.
    Not because I am comfortable doing so, but rather I don’t know how to.
    Not because I hate people, but because I love them.
    And lastly, Not because I have nothing to lose or nothing to gain, but because I want to learn to protect everyone.